SSuite Office - MonoBase

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O/S Win 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

With SSuite Office - MonoBase you are able to easily create and administrate your own personalized databases.

Features Available:

  • Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows
  • Access any ODBC compatible database of any size
  • Filter tables instantly
  • Run SQL statements with the SQL query engine
  • Create custom reports for all your databases
  • Full help file to assist you in creating custom database reports
  • Full administration capabilities of any ODBC compatible database through our SQL engine
  • Supports any SQL standard that your ODBC compatible database requires
  • Export your data to comma separated files
  • Print tables and queries straight from your data grid
  • Ultra simple graphical-user-interface
  • Use MonoBase as an Interface to any ODBC compatible database
  • Open up to 5 databases simultaneously
  • Open up to 5 tables of the same database simultaneously
  • Monobase includes the Paradox ODBC driver for complete compatibility for other database software.


When installing MonoBase on Windows Vista and Windows 7/8, set the application to run as an "Administrator" including the install file.

SSuite Office - MonoBase
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