Taskbar Helper 0.5

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2010-02-12
O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Taskbar Helper is a tool which provides an opportunity to organize your taskbar and use it much more efficiently by hiding rarely used windows from taskbar.

The tool allows you to show only those windows on taskbar, which you really need at the moment. Others, rarely used windows, can be moved from taskbar to system tray, and then quickly accessed by a single click on a corresponding icon in system tray.

In addition the tool provides an opportunity to move programs on the taskbar.


  • Show or hide application window - allows user to show or hide application windows from taskbar;
  • Show application in system tray On Hide – if the option is switched on, then icon of hidden windows appears in system tray, and allows user to access target application window by a single click on it;
  • Hide application window On Minimize – if the option is switched on for a target application window, then Taskbar Helper hides it, if user will minimize it;
  • Move programs on the taskbar - the feature allows user to change windows order;
  • Automatic update;
  • Start with Windows;
  • Save settings;
Taskbar Helper 0.5
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