Teil 2.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-08-25
O/S Win 98/NT/XP

Teil is a powerful freeware command-line utility to search/replace strings in text files using regular expressions and script engine.

Teil can handle the current situation of search/replace, for example, detect and resolve not-found situations, provides flow control constructions. The utility has mechanism to search/replace strings with the use of regular expressions. The distribution includes documentation in English and Russian.

The utility syntax has been redeveloped in version 2.0 (released 25 Aug, 2009). In version 2.0, the scripting-like interpreter for operators of teil program has been introduced. The flow control engine is supported with mechanism of evaluating expressions and processing strings). New operators and special variables have been added; redundant operators have been removed. Now, the single external parameter of the teil program has become the path to the teil ini-file.

The utility requires VB6 runtime libraries be installed on your PC.

Teil 2.0
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