Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer 2.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2010-02-03
O/S Windows XP

Optimize Windows XP
This optimizer allows you to optimize Windows XP in an simple, effective and secure way. After installing Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer your OS System runs faster, applications will load quicker and run smoother, plus browsing of your files and the Internet will speed up. This program is completely safe and optimizes your Windows XP system without you having the need of having personal knowledge registry and system settings.

Easy installation
Optimizing your XP system is just 5 steps away!!

  • step 1 - Download the file from one of the download servers.
  • step 2 - Unzip the file with winzip or a similar program.
  • step 3 - Run the Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer.msi file
  • step 4 - Start the Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer from the shortcut on your desktop or via Start in program files
  • step 5 - Start optimizing your system by clicking the Optimize button

Easy to Restore
There is also an automatic restore function build in to this program. Any time you need to restore the system to its original settings you can do it just by one click on the restore button.

System Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer 2.0
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