Thumbnail Slideshow Creator 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2009-11-01
O/S Any OS with JRE

Use this code to quickly create as many thumbnail slideshows on a page, as you need. Great for bloggers. Tested in IE and FF, with many images of differnt sizes, and captions of various lengths. Very little coding is needed!

Copy and paste a block of markup, declare your image names and captions, the path to that set of images, and you're done. Every image set has its own folder, making the code easy to maintain. Great for those who have many photos to share, and who need a non-technical, easy to maintain way to do so, and who don't want to install an .exe application or complicated JavaScript frameworks.

Only one slideshow is allowed to be active at a time. Clicking on a thumbnail image opens the centered, "full size" image with its caption, subject to the fullSizePct variable. Most digital photos are too large to fit comfortably inside the average screen. The fullSizePct variable will help manage that.

The code is not affected by popup blockers. Clicking on a thumbnail image while a slideshow is running, pauses the show until the user clicks the full size image to "close" it, resuming the slideshow. The code doesn't use ANY HTML element NAMES or IDs, greatly reducing the chance for a conflict when inserted in to an existing document.

Thumbnail Slideshow Creator 1.0
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