TrillianPasswordDecryptor 1.5

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O/S Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

TrillianPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover account passwords stored by Trillian or Trillian Astra. Trillian is the most popular universal messenger with rich 450+ features. It supports almost all IM clients including Gtalk, Windows Live, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ etc. It also supports popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter which makes it one stop tool for keeping track of all your IM/Social/Email activities. Like most of messengers, Trillian also stores user account details including passwords in the local disk for subsequent logins so that user do not have to enter the password every time.

TrillianPasswordDecryptor helps in recovering all such stored passwords. It can automatically detect correct password location based on installed version of Trillian and recover the passwords instantly using the right decryption method. It supports all Trillian version starting from 3.x to latest beta version 5.x.

Here are the highlights of top features of TrillianPasswordDecryptor which makes it stand apart from other similar tools including commercial ones.

  • Instantly decrypt and recover stored encrypted passwords by Trillian.
  • Passwords are not shown by default for security reasons as it is sensitive data. However user can toggle this behavior using 'Show Password' button.
  • On successful recovery operation, messenger account type, username and password is displayed.
  • Sort feature to arrange the displayed password list by username and password which makes it easy to search through 100's of entries.
  • User can save the recovered password list to HTML file for transferring to other system or for future use.
  • Easy and faster
TrillianPasswordDecryptor is a standalone application which does not require any installation and can be run directly after copying it to your system. It works on most of the Windows platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system, Windows 7.
TrillianPasswordDecryptor 1.5
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