TruPax 6

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O/S Windows XP/Vista/7

Creates TrueCrypt compatible volumes directly from files and folders of your choice, even without having TrueCrypt installed or any administrator rights.

Volume creation is fast and done in one pass, the results mount on every modern OS (most of them readable and writable) since the file system used is UDF (1.02).

Files and folders can also be wiped securely after volume creation, or just as a standalone action. Volumes (also FAT formatted ones) can be directly extracted or very quickly invalidated.

Installation is simple and non-intrusive. Next to the GUI there is also a command-line version for full-automation purposes.

You need Java 6+ (32bit) installed to run this software. A Linux version and 64bit releases are also available on the website.

The language support includes German and English.

TruPax 6
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