Universal Password Manager 1.8

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2012-01-25
O/S Any OS with JRE

Universal Password Manager (UPM) allows you to store usernames, passwords, URLs and generic notes in an encrypted database protected by one master password.

There are several open source password managers available so what makes UPM different? Its three key features are...

  • simplicity - it provides a small number of very strong features with no clutter
  • cross platform - UPM runs on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • database sharing - This feature allows your to keep you database in sync across several locations by maintaining a shared copy in a remote HTTP location


  • Small, fast and lean
  • Uses AES for database encryption
  • Shared password database
  • Written in Java/SWING
  • Android, Windows and Mac OS X native feeling versions available
  • Fast account searching
  • Streamlined for those who are more comfortable using the keyboard only
System Requirements : Java Runtime Environment
Universal Password Manager 1.8
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