USB Flash Block/Unblock 1.1.22

Developer:Developers Website
O/S Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

USB Flash Block/Unblock utility is a small, simple yet truly portable program designed to lock/unlock the function to use Flash Drive/Mass Storage/External Drive on a USB port. This program also suitable for system administrator to limit or totally disable USB mass storage device within an organization.


  • Small and lightweight. Only 665kb 932kb (zipped)
  • Extremely easy interface. No-brainer for anyone without IT knowledge
  • Quick set and reset.
  • Useful message will be displayed if an error occur.
  • Royalty-free for personal / commercial use.

Possible scenarios:

You are running cybercafe business or Computer labs and want to prevent virus spreading via USB flash drive. You can use USB Flash Block/Unblock to limit access by setting Read Only, or totally disallow the use of flash drive by selecting Disabled.

Your friend received a refurbished computer and he/she find out that the USB cannot detect his/her thumb drive. You can use this program to inspect and reset USB setting to original value and see if that helps.

Your company policy is to disallow data transfer to external storage. You aware that USB flash drive cannot be used / not functioning but somehow you are in need to bring back some personal data. Here you can use this small program to enable USB port for flash drive, transfer your personal belonging and disable it back.

USB Flash Block/Unblock 1.1.22
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