VidBox 8.0

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O/S Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

VidBox is a fast, efficient and unique Multimedia Player. VidBox has a very User Friendly interface, its large file display makes it easy to scroll through your favorite media, as an MP3 player it sits perfectly in the system tray and plays all your music files one after another.

Create a play list if you wish and become your own DJ, play assorted audio, video, shockwave and graphic files with ease. Its built-in Image viewer can display your photos quickly and at full screen with simple mouse click scrolling, drag and drop files onto VidBox for fast playback, or associate file types directly.

There are many things to discover, so If you have large collection of media, VidBox is the right choice for you.


  • Fast load and Play
  • Easy Display Mode Change
  • Artificial Wide Screen
  • Frame/Time Displays
  • Zoom Control - In/Out
  • Zoom Frame Alignment
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • Start/Stop Frame Looping
  • Wave Volume Control
  • Recent Directory List
  • Track Bar Control
  • Media Search
  • Large View File List
  • AutoFit Video Display
  • Adjustable Video Aspect
  • Favorites List
  • Alphabetical File Select
  • Default Window Zoom +/-
  • Vid-Window Dragging
  • Minimize To System Tray
  • Video Compact Disc Loader
  • Compact Disc (CD Audio)
  • Common Graphic Support
  • Play List Builder
  • Shockwave Flash Support
  • FLV Video Support
  • Built-In Image Viewer
  • Smart File Re-Namer
  • QuickTime Support
  • Lame Wav to Mp3 Encoder
  • FFMpeg Encoder
  • Plus More..

Supported Media Types:

  • Mpg, Mpeg, Mpa, M1v, Mp3, Mp2, Wav, Mid, Asf, Asx,Wmv, Wma, Dat (VCD) , Avi (RLE), Aif, Snd, Au, Cda (CD)Gif (animated), Jpeg, Jpg, Bmp, Wmf, Emf, Ico
  • Swf, Flv: Shockwave Flash and Video Files (YouTube Format)
  • QuickTime Files: Mov, Qt, Amr, Mp4, 3gp (Cellphone Video)
  • Vob (DVD): Via Windows Media Player Plugin.
VidBox 8.0
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