VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 v1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2011-04-06
O/S Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

This is a free filter/plug-in pack containing over two hundred (200) plugins for VirtualDub. To use filters from this pack you need VirtualDub installed.

This is only a brief list of the VirtualDub filters included in this pack:

  • 2D Cleaner
  • Automatic correction of white balance
  • Asvzzz deinterlace
  • Border Control
  • Deinterlace
  • area based
  • Deinterlace Muksun
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Logoaway
  • MSU Cartoonizer
  • MSU Old cinema
  • MSU Smart Deblocking
  • MSU Smart Sharpen
  • PCVideo Image Processor
  • RGB Equalizer
  • Smart deinterlace
  • Smart smoother
  • ViewFields
  • UnViewFields
  • VHS
  • xsharpen
  • and many, many others....

VirtualDub Plugin Pack contains:

  • DirectShow plugin
  • MPEG-2 plugin
  • WMV plugin
  • AC-3 Plugin
  • FLV plugin
  • FLIC Plugin
  • Quicktime plugin
  • AC3 plugin
VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 v1.0
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