WAV to AC3 Encoder 5.0

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O/S Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

WAV to AC3 Encoder is an audio encoder which generates compressed audio streams based on ATSC A/52 specification. This type of audio is also known as AC-3 or Dolby® Digital and is one of the audio codecs used in DVD-Video content. The program is a simple GUI for Aften A/52 audio encoder created by Justin Ruggles. WAV to AC3 Encoder project was started on 27th January 2007 by Wies?aw Å oltés and is still maintained and actively developed.


  • High-quality output audio files.
  • Vary fast encoder.
  • Multi-threaded encoding.
  • Milti-channel file input.
  • Multiple-mono file input.
  • Advanved mux wizard.
  • Optimized for modern CPUs.
  • Small program size.
  • Load and save all program settings.
  • Load and save encoder presets.
  • Avisynth scripting support.
  • Full UNICODE and ANSI support.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Options for advanced users.
  • Sources available under GNU GPLv2 license.
WAV to AC3 Encoder 5.0
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