WebHopper Classic 1.1

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-04-26
O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

WebHopper is an Internet tool that tells where an URL (internet address) is located and the route you pass to reach that URL.

Just enter a Web-Address, a URL or an email address and pres "Start" button, and WebHopper will list all servers and routers that you pass to reach the destination. WebHopper also gives you some handy information about your system addresses.

When there is a browser open, by pressing F2, WebHopper will grab the address and trace the route immediately. Pressing F3 on the other hand will open the address in WebHopper on your default web browser.

The list of route you pass includes some information like the country where the server/router/hub is located, the server name and the time it takes to reach this particular point.

Some server/router that you pass may not respond to the query that WebHopper sent. In that case the server name and the time to reach will be empty.

The list can also show when there is a bottleneck that cause a delay to download a page for an example. The point where the time to reach value is higher is the bottleneck.

You will notice that some URL with country code top level domain is sometimes located far away from where the country is located.

Reaching two sites located on the same city or country does not always mean that you will go through the same path. These two sites may have different internet provider with their own network arrangement.

You may see sometimes that the route that you pass is not the shortest geographical route. Once again this depends on the arrangement that your provider has, and your provider with their provider etc. In some case, the provider may not have a direct link to the destination, or when there are choices, may be the one further is faster. It is common that when you open a website located near by, the stream goes first to the other part of the globe first, and then come back. In some cases the stream goes back and fort because on some point the server is too busy.

WebHopper Classic 1.1
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