WHID 1.0 Beta

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2007-09-10
O/S Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Whid is a simple application that keeps track of time. You can use it to see what you actually did today, or you can use it to keep track of time spent on projects. It can also print invoices.

The idea behind WTM and WHID is very simple: When I start to work on a project I click on the project and the "Start" button. Then the meter is running until I press the "Done" button. If I am interrupted by a new customer, I click on his project and press the "Start" button again. The previous meter for the project is put on hold, and the meter is running for the new one. When I press the "Done" button, the previous project becomes the current project, and the meter is running again. If I take a break, I press the "Pause" button and the meter is put on hold.

WHID is also a program designed for people who work with projects in an office. People like me. I'm lazy, and therefore I've made WHID as easy to use and foolproof as I can. I like to work with my source code. I don't like to to write lists of hours or bills or accounting at all.


  • Very easy to use
  • Multi-language support (currently English and Norwegian [bokmÃ¥l])
  • Can keep track of time on ongoing projects just by pushing one button
  • Flexible (optional) invoicing of time spent on customer projects
  • Powerful rules for rates (how much to charge for time spent on projects)
  • Click one button to see the status (progress) for the current week
  • Reports can be outputed as XML - makes it easy to format the reports any way you like
  • Very powerful (but currently undocumented) external scripting interface for C#, Visual Basic, Python, Java and php5. Can even be used by C++ programs tio access Whid's internals.
  • Single or multi-user mode
  • Can store it's data in a singe file (Sqlite) or use the MySQL database engine
  • Backup and restore in XML files
WHID 1.0 Beta
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