WordCollector 1.0

Developer:Developers Website
Release Date:2008-05-07
O/S Any OS with JRE

WordCollector is a stand-alone desktop application, written in Java by Laurens Van Keer.

Build custom wordlists

With WordCollector, you can easily build your own custom wordlists. You just need to specify the minimum and maximum word length, the type of words and a website address. WordCollector will start searching that website for words and will "collect" them in a single textfile.

Collect the entire web

The real power of WordCollector lies in it's ability to memorize and follow links. If you enable this feature, WordCollector will follow all links on the website it started from and will collect words and follow links on those websites as well. As long as WordCollector finds links it hasn't visited yet, it will go on collecting words. This allows you to build entire lists of existing words, for free!

System Requirements:

  • You need JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run this application.
  • Any OS (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS, ...) capable of running JRE will do.
  • The faster your computer and Internet connection, the better for the speed. :-)
WordCollector 1.0
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