xMarkup 2.1.7

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O/S Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

xMarkup is a text transformation utility for processing of a set of text files. The transformations performed by utility can be extremely complicated comparing to ordinal search&replace procedures. Actually the utility uses a procedural language, with help of which any algorithms of text transformations can be implemented. However, using of these procedural extensions are needed only for a few cases. For most cases it is enough to define start and stop marks for searched text elements and describe templates of their transformation.

The utility can be successfuly used for following tasks:

  • generate or edit the navigational cross-references within a set of html-documents;
  • analyze and convert the structure and/or content of SGML/XML/HTML documents;
  • edit text files in the batch mode;
  • split or merge text files by specified rules;
  • analyse and data extraction from text files;
  • script generation
xMarkup 2.1.7
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