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Release Date:2009-09-04
O/S Solaris/BSD/Linux/Cygwin

YAPET is a text based password manager using the Blowfish encryptionalgorithm. Because of its small footprint and very few library dependencies, itis suited for installing on desktop and server systems alike.

The text based user interface allows to run YAPET easy and painlessly in aSecure Shell session.

A companion utility called csv2yapet enables users to convert CSV files toYAPET files previously exported from other password managers.


  • Blowfish encryption with 448 bits key using the OpenSSL library.
  • passwords are not kept clear text in memory.
  • is only dependent of two libraries: openssl and curses or ncurses.
  • locks the terminal on inactivity.
  • a utility to convert CSV files to the native YAPET format.
  • built-in password generator

Required Libraries:

YAPET depends only on two libraries:

  • openSSL
  • curses or ncurses

Supported Platforms

YAPET has been tested to build and run on following platforms:

  • FreeBSD
  • Sun Solaris x86
  • Linux
  • Cygwin
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